We help small and medium-sized manufacturing companies to use innovative digital solutions, artificial intelligence and 3D manufacturing systems with unparalleled quality and low cost. At the same time, we enable science and research institutions to collaborate on applied research and development technology projects. We place great emphasis on the sustainability of production processes and our services cover the entire process chain.


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Our values



Cohesion, cooperation, exchange of experience and innovative ideas across the consortium.


Innovation, technology

Innovation as a driver of progress and support for technological and industrial growth. Science-industry collaboration Application of scientific knowledge and innovation to the industry, the synergy of experience and knowledge.


Collaboration between science and industry

Application of scientific discoveries and innovation to industry, experience and knowledge synergy.



Legislation, safety, ethics, sustainability, and high standard of scientific integrity.

Consortium members

Institute of Physics of the CAS (FZU)

Principal coordinator of EDIH Brain4Industry and a leading scientific research organisation focusing on basic and applied research in physics. The research and development and application directions are focused on the analysis and development of new materials, additive, laser and plasma technologies, and on mathematical simulations of physical phenomena, development of detection systems and statistical evaluation of data using AI and neural networks. FZU has a world-class innovation infrastructure and capabilities which it makes available also in cooperation with industry and foreign partners.

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HiLASE laser centre

The HiLASE Centre is part of the Institute of Physics, the largest institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The main research goal of the HiLASE Centre is focused on the development of new laser technology - diode lasers with high energy in the pulse and at the same time high repetition rate. The HiLASE Centre also focuses on laser surface refinement, durability testing of optical components in the accredited LIDT laboratory and laser micromachining. The mission of the HiLASE Centre is to push the boundaries of laser technology, to find new applications and to contribute to the prosperity of the Czech and European economy, people's everyday lives and a sustainable future.

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CARDAM s.r.o.

CARDAM is a unique research and development facility that focuses on the implementation of innovative, technically and technologically advanced solutions and products using advanced mathematical simulations and additive technologies. It provides complete engineering solutions for the development of new products and production processes and supports companies in developing their new knowledge and know-how in the field. The company's goal is to create technical and economic added value for all customers, based on effective cooperation between the Academy of Sciences and industrial enterprises.

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Central Bohemia Innovation Centre (SIC)

SIC is an open and pro-customer innovation agency that supports entrepreneurs in fulfilling their ambitions and in the expansion of their companies. It develops the innovation ecosystem of the Central Bohemia region. SIC helps to connect technologies and ideas in the research sphere with entrepreneurs to bring cutting-edge innovations and solutions to challenges in society. SIC's mission is to help companies create new products, services, and value for people. SIC was founded in 2015 as an association and operates on a not-for-profit basis. The members of the association are the Central Bohemia Region and 4 academic and research institutions.

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Institute of Thermomechanics of the CAS

An interdisciplinary institute, which is part of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, deals with research on the properties of substances, their motion and interactions, processes in substances under thermal and mechanical loading and energy transformations. It enters B4I with methods of non-destructive testing and evaluation of materials and structures for early warning systems. It has been developing know-how in areas such as acoustic emission (AT) with artificial intelligence (AI) elements, non-linear ultrasonic methods (UT-NEWS) or fibre optics-based sensors with Bragg gratings.

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STAR Research and Innovation Cluster

A science and technology cluster made up of a strong community of research organizations, companies, investors and passionate local patriots. STAR represents an ecosystem created between the municipalities of Vestec, Zlatníky, Hodkovice and Dolní Břežany south of Prague, which is one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union. The region is home to top research centres such as ELI Beamlines Facility, HiLASE, BIOCEV, companies such as RIGAKU Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe, CARDAM, DIANA Biotechnologies or EXBIO Antibodies. The region provides excellent conditions for the collaboration of science, research, innovation industry and a quality living environment.

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Brain4Industry mission

Using digital technologies, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence, we support Czech manufacturing companies in transforming towards higher productivity, new products, and added value. Thanks to its status as the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) it facilitates access to key knowledge, software, technological platforms, prototype solutions, and test systems together with a large spectrum of educational services and an open platform for experience exchange.

We apply our expertise and experience primarily in engineering (tools and molds), automotive, defense and security, aerospace, healthcare, energy, and renewables.

O nás Brain4Industry

European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH)

The Innovation Hub Network, EDIH, is an initiative of the European Commission to strengthen and accelerate digital innovation and transformation in Europe by providing resources to develop services for SMEs. A number of services can thus be obtained at little or no cost. Companies can benefit from strong know-how, share experiences, test specific solutions, and benefit from comprehensive support in the form of training and consultancy.

Another advantage of the European network of innovation centers is the constant access to new international knowledge and technologies, the exchange of experts and practical experience of manufacturing companies at a transnational level, but also the building of relationships at the business and academic levels, and the opening of new business opportunities for domestic companies through their involvement in innovation programs.

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Andrej Chrzanowski

General Manager Brain4Industry

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Alexandr Dejneka

Chairman of the Steering Committee

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Pavel Jovanovič

Member of the Steering Committee

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Tomáš Mocek

Member of the Steering Committee

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Jana De Merlier

Member of the Steering Committee

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Ondřej Kurkin

Member of the Steering Committee

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Jakub Krupa

Head of Sales

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Petr Voplakal

Digital Transformation Consultant

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Jan Brajer

Laser Technology Specialist

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Tomáš Jetmar

Head of AM Systems

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Antonín Miller

Project manager Industry 4.0

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Martin Gášek

Development Engineer

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Milan Chlada

AI Specialist

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Petr Pačes

Digital Innovation Manager

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One of the primary advantages of the consortium is its own technological infrastructure, laboratory facilities for research and development of materials and technologies, as well as training and conference facilities.

Thanks to the Test Before Invest service, SMEs can use specific technologies and test their effectiveness and chosen solutions in practice before investing in them.



Aditivní technologie Brain4Industry

Brain4Industry Innovation Centre

Laboratoře FZÚ

Laboratories of FZU

Školící prostory SIC

SIC training premises


HiLASE laser center

Laboratoře Ústavu termomechaniky

Institute of Thermomechanics laboratories

Sdílené kanceláře Inovačního centra Brain4Industry

Shared offices of the Innovation Center

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