„Digitisation will improve the performance and sustainability of your business.“

The most common benefits of digitisation include process automation, improved data quality, and cost savings. Digitisation helps established companies facilitate business or provide better customer service.


Data collection is a key tool for the automation and digitisation of production. Thanks to this, it is possible to decide how and where to start implementing robotics. Our team will help with data collection, analysis, interpretation, and display.


The evaluation involves interviewing pre-selected employees in the plant of the evaluated business so that it is possible to assess the processes across the organisation and throughout the relevant product’s life cycle.


The analysis of automated production operations is divided into the following areas: product, production, processes, supply chain, strategy, and organisation.

Data collection methodology

The data is evaluated by advanced systems that integrate information from production processes, as well as from customer requirements and supplier options. This decision-making model then becomes the ideal starting point for engaging in intelligent production.

Follow-up services for Industry 4.0

Numerical simulations

Sensing and perception

Data processing and the resulting steps

Augmented reality

A powerful computing cluster

Topological optimisation

Case Study

S-data: The collection and processing of operational data online in the BENEŠ a LÁT a.s. foundry

S-data, software developed by BENEŠ a LÁT a.s. for the collection and evaluation of process data, is a tool used for maintaining high efficiency in production thanks to fast data collection, its evaluation, and the visualisation of outputs directly in production facilities. It allows management to address operational and strategic goals.

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