How to get started with digitalisation?
Where to invest your time and money?
How to plan it properly?

The free initial analysis will map the current state of the company with respect to the set business goals and name bottlenecks that may hinder the achievement of the goals. The result is an objective report on the company’s readiness for digitalisation and a clear plan on where to start, how to proceed, what to (dis)invest in, and who to contact if necessary.


The initial digital audit is processed by our experts from the Central Bohemian Innovation Centre and the technology company CARDAM.

During the audit, we focus on processes, data, and infrastructure and interview your staff at various levels.

The audit will give you a quick overview of your current status in the individual areas suitable for digitalization in the context of your specific business goals and a clear plan and recommendations for the next steps.

Who is the audit for?

Thanks to the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) program, this service is FREE for SMEs.


  • The minimum time commitment for your team is usually 2-3 meetings, for a total of 4-8 hours.
  • You will get a comprehensive view of your company’s digitalisation status based on objective data and from different angles – from a technological perspective (automation, systems, etc.), from the perspective of company processes and human potential.
  • Often, an audit will reveal the actual functioning of the company and its real weaknesses, instead of the perceived ones.


I am interested in a non-binding consultation

How does the audit work?

A meeting with a key decision maker. Definition of the company's strategic business objectives, key audit areas, and personnel to be interviewed.

2-3 individual meetings with other members of management/management and staff. We apply a 360 approach, i.e. questioning at different levels. Data analysis.

Data processing and output analysis. Joint assessment of the situation, and identification of potential bottlenecks. Proposing priority solutions and a plan on where and how to start.

Do you have questions? Call me or text me.

Together, we will find out where to start with digitalization in your company and how best to use all the possibilities to make your production more efficient.

Petr Pačes

Digital Innovation Manager