Laser technologies

Laser technology is bringing revolutionary capabilities to industry in product development, materials processing and testing. Their versatility and precision open the door to innovation, efficiency and design in many industries.

Laser applications

Our high-power lasers are used for a wide range of high-end industrial applications such as laser surface refinement (Laser Shock Peening), optical component durability testing (Laser Induced Damage Threshold), laser micromachining, texturing, advanced cleaning or surface functionalization. The detection of damage thresholds of optical components is a separate chapter.

Material processing is carried out by laser cutting, welding or plastic welding, all with high speed, precision and minimal thermal deformation. Laser processing of additively manufactured parts further increases their service life.

Use of laser technology in product development:

Rapid prototyping: laser technologies enable the rapid creation of functional prototypes of the required quality. This reduces product development time and facilitates testing of new ideas.

Precision micromachining and marking: for product tracking in production, laser marking enables precise and permanent marking, and precision shaping can have many uses, from creating grease grooves, to drilling micron holes, to complex shapes that cannot be produced in any other way.

Laser machining and surface treatment: the laser allows the creation of a precise surface structure that has such detail that it can influence the visual friction or even antibacterial properties of the surface. The advantage is that the structures are also transferable from mould to product.

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Jan Brajer

Head of the Industrial Laser Applications Department at HiLASE Centre

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The HiLASE Laser Centre develops and uses a new generation of high-power lasers for high-end industrial applications. The centre aims to transfer research findings to industry and apply them in real life in cooperation with companies.



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