Plasma technologies

For manufacturing companies, plasma technologies open up new possibilities in surface treatment, material coating and material processing at extremely low and high temperatures. These technologies enable precise and consistent results, ultimately improving product quality and reducing production costs.

Benefits of plasma technologies

The first is the increased hardness and durability of the surface of the materials. Thanks to plasma coating, a significant increase in component life and a reduction in wear can be achieved. The second major advantage is the ability of plasma technologies to respond quickly and accurately to different material challenges. Whether you need to increase corrosion resistance or improve coating adhesion.

Benefits of plasma technologies

Brain4Industry can provide complete design, development, construction, and testing of plasma technologies including their parameters. The main directions of the developed technologies are plasma coating chambers for standard and specialized coatings of different types and compositions. And other plasma technologies from wound healing, egg treatment to waste treatment.


How mutual cooperation works

  • We will help the customer to understand the possibilities of each technology and identify the added value of plasma technology for their company.
  • We will help to find the critical points of the product and process and then propose a possible technology for its application. Possibly optimized coatings and layers to increase the lifetime of key components.
  • Based on the previous point, we implement the installation of plasma technology in your company, including data and reliability verification.
  • Alternatively, we offer the implementation of the service on our already developed equipment.
  • On a functional installed system, we then provide staff training and explain the importance of the parameters to be set.
  • In the case of service implementation at our premises, we not only explain the importance of individual data to the customer, but also pass on our experience on possible procedures and parameter changes to increase the product’s functionality.
  • Implementation of equipment of various types into series production.
  • In the case of coating technologies, also the development of coatings to ensure repeatability.

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