Post-processing is a revolutionary concept that is changing the way industrial products are finally formed. This service focuses on the final step in the manufacturing process where products are finalized, refined and prepared for delivery to customers. This technology service has the potential to transform the way industrial products are perceived and manufactured.

Range of finishing technologies

Postprocessing offers companies the perfect finishing of details on products, from surface smoothness to precise shapes. It enables the achievement of vibrant colours, matt surfaces, and other visual effects that not only protect products but also enhance their attractiveness.
In addition to cosmetic finishes, it can optimize the functionality of products for easier assembly and higher functional quality.
Post-processing can also include the application of new materials that increase the durability, strength, and overall quality of products.

Range of finishing technologies

Brain4Industry has a wide range of post-processing technologies for different types of finishing of polymers and metals:

  • Surface sandblasting
  • Chemical vaporisation
  • Polishing
  • Heat treatment
  • Varnishing
  • Deep colouring by burnishing

Having this wide range of options and combinations, we can always provide the customer with a product of the required surface specification focusing on detail and precision.

Are you interested in post-processing options?

Jakub Krupa

Sales Manager

Post-processing is becoming the jewel of industrial manufacturing, adding value to products, adding innovation to the production process and improving overall quality. As a consortium, we have a lot of experience in both plastics and metals finishing. The wide range of technologies enable us to offer diverse selection of solutions.