We support manufacturing companies in making decisions about investments in new technologies, equipment or processes. Minimise the risks associated with investments and increase the likelihood of success for new projects.

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We offer manufacturing companies access to expertise and know-how in finance and other non-financial aspects, enabling them to improve financial performance, plan and execute investments more effectively, manage risks and promote sustainable and responsible business.

Financial consultancy

We provide expert consultancy to help companies with financial process optimization, investment planning, funding  as well as with other areas such as risk management, strategic decision-making and sustainability.
Expert consultants can help with analysing and managing cash flows, improving cost efficiencies, identifying areas with greater savings potential, and designing strategies to improve a company’s financial performance.

Non-financial consultancy

We help companies implement sustainable and responsible business practices. This includes advice on the environmental, social, governance and legislative aspects of business, including strategies for reducing environmental impact, improving business impact on society and achieving sustainability certification.

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Petr Pačes

Digital Innovation Manager

Petr Pačes is a member of the Central Bohemian Innovation Centre (SIC) team. He worked as a technical and financial director in IT companies, where he was involved in everything from project management, technology integration and finance management to business process restructuring and internal management. As a result, he is able to recognize the real company needs, identify weak points and recommend the right solutions.

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