Technology and Services

„We respond to Czech industry’s demand for innovative solutions.“

The automotive industry, mechanical engineering, air and space technology, the defence industry, and bio-medicine applications. These are the key industries that generate long-term needs for new technological solutions. Those are developed mostly through effective collaboration between research and industry.


Additive technologies

Lasers and optics

Plasma technologies

Materials and coatings


Measurements and tests

Analyses of parts, samples and/or input materials are key not only for effective research, but also for ensuring reliable production and for the detection of the causes of any problems that may occur.

Customized 3D printing

Do conventional manufacturing processes limit you to long delivery times or complex geometries? Whether it is plastics, metals or composites, 3D printing is here for you.

Topological optimisation

Topological optimisation allows for a more efficient use of materials under mechanical stress and their use only where they are really needed.

Rapid prototyping

Do you need to test a part that you only have on paper so far? With rapid prototyping, you can hold your part in your hand today.

Analysis of 3D printing powders

In the field of 3D printing, powder analyses are a necessity for new materials and suppliers, as well as a welcome standard while maintaining high-quality production.

Virtual modelling

Numerical simulations allow for the virtual modelling of parts, assemblies, and production processes. In this way, we can optimise performance or prevent operational failures.

The development and preparation of surface treatments

The development of surface treatments, systems and technologies connected with surface application and pre-treatment enables manufacturers to create coatings with special or completely unique properties.

Production process diagnostics

Proper production diagnostics or the determination of the causes of a part’s failure allows for quick remediation, and helps targeted innovation and the retention of business relationships.

The design and manufacture of optical systems

We offer the design and development of optical sources and systems, and consultations, be it for conventional, laser or quantum optics.

Have you not yet found what you were looking for?

Many services did not make to the list because of space restraints or confidentiality. Whether you need to move on with innovation or a have problem related to production, contact us so that a viable solution can come to life as soon as possible.

Case Study

The Beneš a Lát foundry developed a unique 3D print of steel moulds

For over 40 hours, a 3D printer stacked layers of steel on top of each other to create a mould for making a part for a car’s boot. Thanks to this, Beneš and Lát worked on a tool, which would normally take more than four months to make, for only over one month. The manufacturing of steel moulds has been accelerated thanks to special software that can calculate how much material is needed to make them without any unnecessary waste, and what specific conditions, such as temperature, must be applied to a given part of a mould to prevent it from being destroyed.

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