Project supervision

Project supervision is a progressive service for small and medium-sized industrial companies that have opted for digital transformation. This service ensures that the path to digital success is smooth, efficient, and aligned with the set goals and expectations.

Brain4Industry project supervision

As part of the development of the company’s digital transformation strategy, which consists of sub-projects and programs, we are able to cover the implementation of sub-projects or supervise the strategy fulfillment from the global point of view.

In the case of a new business solution, we can participate in defining needs, a supplier review, and selection procedure execution and we can provide project supervision during implementation.

What we can offer:

  • We will coordinate the implementation of sub-projects within the digital transformation of the company.
  • Depending on the customer’s requirements, we will provide project management or project supervision over the selection of key information systems such as ERP, PLM, PDM, APS, MES, etc.
  • We offer people and know-how in the field of grant and strategic project management.
  • According to the customer’s needs and requirements, we are able to supervise the selection of appropriate additive technology, recommend suppliers and project-manage the implementation of the entire process.

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Project supervision includes a team of experienced experts who will guide you through the entire digital transformation process and ensure that all the steps are set up and implemented correctly.

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