AI applications

AI applications are sophisticated software tools that use artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to process vast amounts of data, identify patterns and then draw conclusions. The applications intervene in various parts of the manufacturing process, from demand forecasting to production optimization, maintenance and product personalization.

Unique ai application options

The application rests in an ability to identify phenomena/changes of an economic or security nature not identifiable in regular operation using neural networks and processing huge amounts of data. Examples include a worn mechanical machine part that reduces product quality; internal pipe damage that threatens to burst; sounds in the environment that indicate preparation for a robbery; and much more. AI applications can thus be widely used.

Brain4Industry can transfer the findings of basic research into AI applications to small and medium-sized businesses. Relatively simple and also inexpensive applications of neural networks can be of significant benefit to small and medium-sized companies that would be less likely to use such applications.

Brain4Industry solutions

  • Thanks to our many years of experience, we can efficiently collect data from various parts of the production process and then evaluate it in such a way that we can predict the wear and tear of machines and their components, and thus, for example, effectively plan their service intervals or repairs during scheduled downtimes.
  • Customers will be presented with options of the collection and evaluation of data and their role in production or unexpected machine breakdowns.
  • Together with the customer, we will go through the problematic points in the production cycle and help prevent unwanted production downtime by providing early warning of a possible failure of a technology or its component.
  • An early warning system allows us to effectively predict possible production failures caused by technology failure.
  • For example, we can monitor and evaluate temperature, sound, or image data.

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Milan Chlada

Head of the Machine Learning Team, Institute of Thermomechanics

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