Materials research and development

Materials research focuses on finding, studying and creating new materials with improved properties and functionality for specific industrial applications. This field of science investigates the structure, composition and behaviour of materials at the micro and macro level with the aim of innovating their properties to provide industry with new competitive advantages.

In-house materials research and development

The advantages of the consortium lie precisely in its own research and development and its close collaboration and application of knowledge to industry.
Our collaboration with major scientific and industrial institutions opens access to state-of-the-art technologies and laboratories, allowing us to speed up the process of developing new materials and reduce the time from idea to implementation.

Our scientific approach and industrial orientation enable the consortium to deliver comprehensive solutions for the production process, leading to increased performance and competitiveness of the company.

Custom material development process

  • Analysis of customer needs – understanding the issue in its entirety;
  • Identification of technological and material boundary conditions;
  • Optimization proposal – defining key material requirements and identifying possible alternatives in the market if necessary; development of new materials; optimization of existing heat and chemical/thermal processing procedures;
  • Testing and validation of the designed material through mechanical testing and subsequently in the customer’s plant;
  • Analysis and interpretation of data presented to the customer;
  • Implementation of the material into mass production.