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Digital transformation consulting offers companies strategic management to achieve their goals. With the help of a clear and effective roadmap, specific processes and recommended solutions, businesses are fully equipped to make responsible decisions.

With the support of outstanding experts from different areas, the aim is to provide businesses with certainty and support in decision-making to digitize their business models, to invest responsively into innovations, and to supply missing digital competencies and experience across the whole process. The aim is to protect investment, to find the best practice, and to set the best individual path to transform the business to higher competitiveness and sustainability.


  • Proof of Concept of various technologies
  • Test before invest
  • Support or “construction supervision” in the implementation of specific SW tools
  • Analysis of suitable tools to solve specific processes or services (ERP, DMS, CRM, MES, AI, AR, IoT, CAD, CAM, 3D…)
  • Design of data analysis and data usage
  • Systems integration analysis
  • Assistance with process implementation
  • Design or modification of processes (transition to digital systems)
  • Cost estimates for implementation of SW/HW/technology tools
  • Feasibility studies – robotics, automation, AI implementation
  • Digitisation of the production process – sensorics, data collection, predictive maintenance
  • AI Early Warning Systems
  • Mathematical simulations and topological optimization
  • Measurement and expert opinions

Consultations provide room for innovation across the company, leading to a competitive advantage in the market. Consultants analyse existing manufacturing and business processes and identify areas that can be improved with modern technology. This results in increased efficiency and reduced costs. Via consultations, scientists and experts help companies select the right technologies and digital tools that best fit their needs and goals. Consultancy, however, also includes teaching and training for corporate teams so that they can engage more effectively with digitisation and technological change.


Petr Pačes

Digital Innovation Manager

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Petr Pačes worked as a technical and financial director in IT companies, where he was involved in project management, technology integration and finance management, corporate process restructuring, and internal management. Thanks to this, he is able to recognize the real needs of companies, identify weak points and recommend the right solution and strategy for digitisation.


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