Creating and expanding networks and partnerships between manufacturing companies and scientific organisations is a prerequisite for the transfer of expertise, technological know-how, new innovative solutions and mutual sharing of experience.

Exchange of experience and inspiration

Collaboration with scientific organisations enables manufacturing companies to obtain specialised knowledge and expertise in areas where they lack in-house capacitiesCompanies, on the other hand, share their experiences, best practices and challenges with other consortium members and bring practical insights from applied research into practice. Together, they create a mutually enriching environment that benefits from all the advantages and takes the cooperation forward on the basis of proven experience.

Partnership and cooperation

Networking provides companies with the opportunity to establish partnerships and collaborate with scientific organisations, research centres, universities and other companies in the sector, and thanks to the EDIH centres network also at the international level.
This collaboration can lead to the joint development of new technologies, products and services, while enabling the sharing of costs, risks, capabilities and benefits.


Networking can open doors for companies to sources of funding and grants for research and development. Thanks to its status as a European Digital Hub (EDIH), the Science and Industry Consortium has access to various financial programmes and support that can help manufacturing companies fund their innovative projects. Through consultancy services or in-house project teams, we can help with project preparation and the entire application process.

Cooperation with partners is covered by

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The opportunity to collaborate across sectors, at home and abroad, brings a number of synergies that can be provided by a broad-based ecosystem such as the Brain4Industry consortium and its partners.

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