Our training programmes aim to strengthen the skills, knowledge and capabilities of companies and their employees in relation to new technologies, processes, methodologies and trends in their industry. We are launching courses in AM product development, new technologies, digitalisation and soft skills for innovation from January 2024 at the Brain4Industry Academy.

Education is the key to innovation

Training enables manufacturing companies to prepare their employees for the implementation and use of new technologies. Training, courses, and long-term individual programs focus on familiarising them with new technologies, processes, and methodologies that can increase the efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness of the company. This helps promote innovation and adaptation of the rapidly changing technological environment.


Vocational training

Offline and online training, courses, workshops and other learning activities are focused on the areas of digitisation and technology, soft skills and specific issues. They are aimed at management and technical staff who can gain new expertise and skills relevant to their work areas. Through training and courses, staff will be introduced to the latest technologies, processes, tools and methodologies relevant to their work. This will strengthen their expertise and competences.

Tailor-made programmes

Individual training programmes are tailored to the specific needs and objectives of companies. They focus on the specifics of the industry and the technologies the manufacturing company uses. They often also include professional support and mentoring.
Businesses have the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and skills in areas that are key to their industry. In doing so, they strengthen their professional capacity and achieve a higher level of expertise in their sector.
Training and courses can be organised in different formats such as face-to-face training, online courses or a combination of both.

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