Digital strategies

A digital strategy involves a careful analysis of a company’s digital maturity, identifying key areas of potential improvement and setting out specific steps to achieve these goals, including a clear timeline, financial requirements and return-on-investment calculations.

A roadmap for the digital transformation of the business

The digital strategy follows a free-of-charge digital audit and represents a comprehensive plan that enables manufacturing companies to use modern technology and digital tools to optimize all aspects of their operations. Company processes are analyzed in detail – core, secondary, and support ones, production, and development, from order acceptance, through processing to delivery. Based on the analysis we prepare a strategy for the digital transformation of the company including the timeline, financial requirements, and calculation of the return on investment.

Each sub-project can be described in such detail that is required by the customer and the implementation prerequisites and risks can be determined. We then prepare a sub-budget, schedule, and recommend potential suppliers so that they fit conceptually into the overall strategy.
By working with academia and a number of solution providers, we offer an unbiased perspective and are able to design a customer-tailored solution – whether it’s a large enterprise with mass production or a small company with bespoke piece production.

How collaboration in strategy development works:

  1. Getting to know the business, obtaining basic information about the business, and establishing an initial state of digital maturity.
  2. Detailed analysis of the business and its processes (horizontal and vertical). Typically covers all processes from contract acceptance to completion.
  3. Identification of key areas for digitization.
  4. Creation of a digitization concept including logical continuity.
  5. Defining the necessary prerequisites and strategic decisions to develop digitization in the company.
  6. Defining the project roadmap, describing the sub-projects, possible suppliers, necessary investments, and the return on investment.
  7. The possibility of commercial funding, or the use of de minimis.
  8. The possibility of the entire project supervision.

Who prepares the digital strategy?

Ondřej Kurkin

Managing Director CARDAM

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Digital strategy is developed by Cardam, a company with many years of experience in this area. Thanks to its own team of experts in digitisation and technology, it is able to process not only the specific data and information obtained, but also to compare and evaluate the proposed solutions with previously applied procedures in similar companies or industries.

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