A technology service that enables companies to gain control over the production process, achieve higher quality standards and improve overall efficiency. In industry, it is a key factor that enables the measurement, control and quality assurance of products from the beginning to the end of the production process.

Measurement and data are the key to successful production

Metrology-based measurements enable companies to identify deviations in manufacturing processes and make data-driven corrections to examine and analyse product performance data, leading to design optimization for a better outcome. Precision measurements allow companies to perform in-depth analyses of materials and identify how they will behave under different conditions. And they can also carefully control product quality based on precise measurements – from microscopic components to large structures, metrology ensures that every product meets exact specifications.

How we can help businesses with measurement

  1. Analysing customer needs: At this stage, we focus on understanding customer needs and how those needs could be met using touch and optical measurement methods. We also consider the need to meet relevant standards and regulations.
  2. Selecting the appropriate measurement equipment:
    We can help you select the appropriate measurement equipment based on your needs and requirements. We will consider accuracy, repeatability, speed, and other factors that are important to your business and product.
  3. Designing measurement methodology: We can help you design a measurement methodology that meets your needs while complying with relevant standards and regulations.
  4. Testing and validating measurements: We will perform testing and validation to verify the accuracy and reliability of the measurement. At this stage, we will also focus on identifying potential problems and ways to resolve them.
  5. Analysing and interpreting data: Once the measurements have been taken and the data have been collected, we will help you analyse and interpret the results. Based on this analysis, we can identify areas where adjustments and improvements need to be made.
  6. Implementing and calibrating measuring equipment in the production process: Once you have selected the appropriate measurement equipment, we will help you implement and calibrate it. This will ensure that your measurements are accurate and reliable. Based on the results and analyses, we can suggest ways to optimize your production and measurement processes. The aim is to increase the accuracy, repeatability and speed of measurements and reduce production costs.
  7. Training employees: To ensure the correct use of the measuring equipment and measurement methodology, we provide training for your employees.

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