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„We connect science and industry, tradition and innovation, people and technology, into one functioning ecosystem.“

The rapid development of digital technologies creates barriers for small- and medium-sized enterprises in terms of their adoption and integration of processes. The DIH-B4I was created as a support tool to enhance the competitiveness of business through the introduction of digitisation, new technologies, and artificial intelligence in business or production processes. B4I services target mostly small- and medium-sized enterprises. We provide our clients with institutional, knowledge-based, and infrastructural support. A one-stop shop.





The B4I DIH is able to provide a significant part of its services using existing infrastructure, both within the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences and through other members of the consortium. In the field of additive technologies, this involves mainly 3D printing of metallic materials with laser sintering of powdered metals. For this purpose, one device of a research nature for the development of materials and also a device of a production nature for application use are available. To support project solutions, it is also possible to use the well-equipped laboratories of the Institute of Physics , which offer a wide range of analyses needed for materials research and development (analyses of material microstructure, mechanical properties, physical properties, corrosion properties, fatigue properties, etc.). The HiLASE centre disposes of unique laser systems, state-of-the-art experimental stations, and other equipment that can be used in a wide range of industrial applications.

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B4I – the Innovation Centre for Advanced Technologies is a shared infrastructure based in Dolní Břežany. It provides services for small- and medium-sized enterprises in one place. Businesses will be able to use the services of AdditiveLab, DigitalLab, and TechnicalLab, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for additive production and digitisation. At B4I, the client will be able to try out an innovative solution that they can subsequently apply to their production processes. The advantage of the innovation centre is that it comprehensively covers all technological steps. From the strategy of digitisation, the performance of data collection, and the implementation of solutions, to the search for new technological solutions, the optimisation of design, preparation, to production itself, subsequent processing and quality control. Businesses can also use office facilities at all times.